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Introvert E.P.K.

12-track instrumental album by lilaclaza ft. Take My Lungs, Zac Colwell

Metadata & feats

Metadata & information:

Release date: May 5th

Focus Tracks: Onwards (10), Aware (6), dnile (9), 

Artist name: lilaclaza (ft. Take My Lungs, Zac Colwell)

Album title: introvert

Label: 津波

Artist location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Genres: Lofi Beats, Chillhop, Jazz Beats

Moods: Chill, Meditative

BPM: 72 - 110

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About "introvert"

The story of the album is told by the order of it's tracks. I have put the tracks in best comes first order, but the real order can be seen in the following story - I'm an (introvert). My emotions flutter, but I remain (coi) in khoi fish, because I'm in a body of emotions and coy, as in I'm reluctant to give details on my thoughts. I try to keep a (still) mind, to try and grasp (innerpeace). This causes me to lose touch and now I find myself in an (outerspace) of mind. I am now (aware). My guardian angel has revealed to me that I must embark on an (odyssey) to find true fulfilment. I try, but I can't... I'm (inhibited). I'm in denail(dnile) of the fact that I need to face these emotions flowing like the river Nile. Despite that, I must go (onwards) and because of this, I am able to master myself and reach a state of true (zen).

About lilaclaza:

lilaclaza is a writer and music producer hailing from Harare, Zimbabwe. He started dabbling in music as a drummer early 2018, but he stopped drumming and got into production in October 2020. Since then he has released numerous projects in the lofi genre which have amassed a combined stream count of 200k on Spotify alone. His debut album "sanctuary" released in 2022 and showcased his signature sound in it's infancy. The project introvert is the realisation of the sound he has been slowly cultivating over the last few years.

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