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Blog submission/curator club

Leaving a donation below will get your track(s) considered for our weekly Lofi beats blog, in-depth feedback, and consideration for our playlists within 48 hours. One donation grants lifetime priority access to our exclusive curator group.

Free playlist submissions:

Beats from Japan

The latest and greatest Lo-fi and Chillhop beats from Japanese producers.

final-06 (1) (2).jpg

Your morning vibes

Our Monday Morning Beats playlist is the perfect balance of chill, upbeat and groovy instrumental beats.

Monday Mornings Official_Done (2).jpg

Your chill night vibes

Our Stormy Sunday Beats playlist is the perfect balance of chill, downtempo, yet groovy instrumental beats. This is *not* a "sleepy" playlist.

Stormy Sundays Official cover.jpg

Your ambient

Perfect music to put on repeat. Drone, ambient, lush and atmospheric instrumentals without distracting elements. Focus music.

atmospheres rebrand (1).jpg
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