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Beat events

What are they?:

We hold monthly, theme-based online beat events that are free and fun to join. We aim to provide a supportive environment where artists can experiment with style and refine their skills. Selected entries may be featured in our upcoming projects; however, we don't represent any submissions unless both parties have agreed on a deal.

Current Event: Citypop Summer

Create an instrumental in the style of Japanese city pop music of the 70s'-80s'. You can also use acapella's for vocals if you choose. As long as it's within the general style, anything goes!


  • Deadline is April 5th

  • Visit our Discord events forum to connect with other participants! (optional)

  • Listen to the reference playlist here

  • Submit your track to the form on this page. (Below)

  • The results will be posted inside our discord and to our Facebook group upon the deadline.

  • Please, no Spotify links! Only unreleased music is included in the polls.

  • These submissions have the chance to be placed on our upcoming projects. If your song is considered, we'll reach out to you personally.

Citypop event_1x_1.jpg

Note: Your submission must have been created strictly for this challenge. Any pre-existing songs that are submitted will not be included in the polls.

Past events

Click image to be taken to the polls!

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