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Process & info:

  • The Beat League is a monthly event series for music producers to experiment with fun themes and let loose. Join our Discord server to chat with the community!

  • April 1st - April 31st: Frutiger Aero theme. Frutiger Aero (also known as Web 2.0 Gloss) is a broad design style and aesthetic that was prevalent in advertising, media, stock imagery and technology from roughly 2004 to 2013, following the end of the Y2K era. Listen to the reference playlist and create something in this style. I also encourage you to check out other mixes in the genre!

  • We do not control or represent any event submissions- the artist entirely controls them

  • Turn in your submission using the form below. (Your entry must be an unreleased song made for this event. Spotify links will be declined.)After the deadline, all submissions will be posted to a mix on our soundcloud for all to enjoy. Please do not use expiring links. (Wetransfer). 

  • Visit some of our previous events at the bottom of the page for a taste of the experience.

Submission form:

Note: Your submission must have been created strictly for this challenge. Any pre-existing songs that are submitted will not be included in the polls.


Past events

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