Beat events

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What are they?:

Every month we host theme-based beat events that are free and fun to join. These entries have a chance to be placed on our upcoming premier CD projects, however, our label does not represent any entries unless we come to an agreement beforehand. Our goal is to be a platform where artists can explore style and taste and develop their abilities in an encouraging space.


  • Visit our Discord events forum to connect with other participants! (optional)

  • Create a beat within the guidelines of the event you choose

  • The deadline is Nov.4th

  • Submit it to the form on this page. (Below)

  • Upon the deadline, the results will be posted inside our discord and to our Facebook group.

  • Please no Spotify links! Only unreleased music is included in the polls. If possible, please note in the song's bio that this is for a Tsunami beat event.

  • These submissions have the chance to be placed on our upcoming premier projects (CD releases). If your song is considered, we'll reach out to you personally.


We encourage you to explore these styles and have fun!


Note: Your submission must have been created strictly for this challenge. Any pre-existing songs that are submitted will not be included in the polls.

Past events

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