About Tsunami

(A personal note)

Tsunami is a creative label that strives to spread light & peace through the projects we direct; but above all, it's more of a lifestyle that encourages a simple, expressive, harmonic life with the things around us.


launched in late 2018, the Tsunami umbrella encompasses a catalogue of just under 100 songs from artists all over the world, more than one million streams in our first 7 months of business, a 1.4k - strong community, a clothing line, a design/engineering collective, a visual media label, and more to come.


Our debut vinyl project, Waves, was a thematic masterpiece and was followed up with our second compilation, the SOW project. As our label evolves we aim to specialize in concepting amazing themes & stories, working towards creating a full Tsunami Universe. Our third official project, Genesis, will be the start of this direction.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. We're making our dreams turn into reality!

- Damon Broussard