(A personal note)

Tsunami is more of a lifestyle than it is a music label. It's a call to live simply and peacefully, full of passion and excitement for life. 

Our logo represents two things. Firstly, a fingerprint. This highlights the importance we have on self-expression and culture. Secondly, the logo resembles a wave or a Tsunami. This is to represent the power & strength that resides in community. Big thank you to my long time friend and talented designer Anthony Q. for the branding work.

I started this label in late 2018 during the lowest and most chaotic time of my life. My motivation to grow this is in seeing a better, more peaceful world for everyone, but particularly for creators who see themselves doing nothing but creating. Our visions are essential, especially for an increasingly-dissonant world. Our goal is to use our intuition and creative skill to produce genuine morale boosts across the earth.
-Damon Broussard

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