Tsunami's mission

At Tsunami, we're focused on social impact and authentic cultural perspectives. We're not a label just focused on our product, but one that focuses on how our products are helping to lift our communities to new levels of ownership & prosperity. Our long term goal is to grow the artistic economy in regions that have little to no representation in America, in spite of all their influence in our every day entertainment. We stand with culture. Learn more about our regional program here.

Firstly, we're more of a tight-knit creative community than a business. Our crew consists of starving artists, cultural hero's on the front-lines, and people with unrivaled passion working for a better future. We're not merely trying to penetrate a market; but we're very connected to the soul, history and meaning behind our niche. We trust each other out of love, and help each other out of humility. We believe in always utilizing our platform to spread peaceful, light energy amidst our chaotic time on this planet. 

Our main line of work is hosting music that resonates with our three values, which are "Peace, Power, Community". We work with music across the Lofi, Chillhop, Ambient, as well as Soul, funk, and related Jazz niche's in our sister label, Twilight Grooves. 

In addition to our music, we also run a visual agency named Behind Walls Media that we are building as part of our presentation team at Tsunami. We take presentation very seriously.