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Making Waves

(A personal note)
Artwork custom illustrated by Santpoort
Special thanks

First off, I would like to thank a couple of people who provided crucial help through this project in particular. Julien Mier (Santpoort) not only executed the art vision perfectly but also helped with my many vinyl-related questions.  Doug Barclay also helped with vinyl questions & was incredibly humble the whole process. Alex Lubeck was the connection for our distribution, playing a huge role in the progression of the label. Davide Longo also helped push the brand forward by creating our discord. Paul Gilmore of the amazing label Pueblo Vista also was very willing to help answer questions.

I highlight these people, particularly because they showed a great deal of love and conviction and helped keep the project on the right path. Without them, I'm not sure how this would have turned out. There are of course many other people who were/are monumental to our path, and I hope you all know I'm grateful as heck for you. This is what Tsunami is about, succeeding because of community. 

You can find the album in its entirety here

The vinyl here

Album review (First 3 premiering videos)

#1, "Exhale" by Ek.stasis

This beat was originally created for a beat challenge we had revolving around a theme of "Nature". Yet, the opening intro with its ambient guitar filled me with such an introspective vibe that I fell in love with it and asked to use it. Made by artist Ek.stasis, a New Zealand based producer. The guitar was recorded with an iPhone, showing you don't need top of the line equipment to get the job done right. 

#2, "Flowing" by Refeeld

This song was a much-needed vibe, delivered in the middle of the George Floyd protests & Covid scares. It helped me have a little more peace of mind while curating the project and for that, I'm grateful. Made by "Refeeld", a Japan based producer.

#3, "Colour the sky red" by Stan Forebee

This beat was made and inspired through the Australian bushfires, featuring a somber tone that evolves beautifully into a new sense of hope. If you love melancholic melodies, pianos and flutes, this ones for you. Made by Stan Forebee, a Melbourne based producer.

Thank you again to everyone who helped play a role in this project. Our goal to host these is all based around the desire to enable talented works to happen between humble artists. 

Over the next month I'll be releasing more videos through a sister brand called Behind Walls Media, feel free to follow that. I'll also be taking time on each track to promote, so please be ready to support! If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns, reach out!

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