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Date: 8/03/2024

Jazz fused with 90's-inspired Hip Hop instrumentals.

Diamond Shores: Davnnk & willlbone.

An EP full of groovy Hip Hop beats, sampled pianos, and some smooth Jazz.

Diamond Shores Cover Art.jpg

Date: 8/02/24

A time machine back to an energetic retro-futurism.

Horizons 1.5: Taki Brano & Diggy Diamond

With a long list of features, Horizons 1.5 trailblazes the Lofi scene with energetic and loud future funk, house, and more.

horizons final (2).jpg

Date: 8/02/24

Life is not a game. Or is it?

The Waiting Room: Soular Child.

 A clever ambient & drone project that uses video game themes and mixes them with existential meanings.

Soular Child- Soulscapes.jpg

Date: 8/02/24

Big sounds from a small Japanese island.

Umashima: Ounak & konb

Bottling the essence of the serene landscape of the island "Umashima" for us all to experience.

Umashima_design (1).jpg

Date: 8/02/24

Magical Autumn scenes blending classical piano and Hip Hop beats.

Con Anima: Alma Animo

Drum-heavy, melody-rich EP that takes us into a distant forest during one particularly vibrant golden hour.

Con anima Remixes Cover.png
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