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Beat event series #42 results (Cartoon network bumpz)

Updated: Feb 24

Thanks for joining the Tsunami Beat League in our 42nd monthly beat event! The idea for this event was to make something sampled or inspired by old cartoons you watched as a child. Thanks a ton to the eight artists who created something and had fun with this one! Find the tracklisting and voting polls below. *Note that the Facebook poll will be used to determine the winner; the poll on this blog is for those who aren't able to participate on Facebook.



00:01 - 01:47: Sam Fayez // Inspector G

01:47 - 03:52: Damon Broussard // Powerpuff boyz

03:52 - 06:01: davnnk // Canine Band

06:01: - 08:53: The Lizard King // stopwatch

08:53 - 09:52: mata // gravity falls

09:52 - 12:07: Shonkey // Sweet Thing

12:07 - 15:24: Ghostrider Studios // Shake and Shiver

15:24 - End: EV-47 // Breath

Vote for your favorite:

  • Sam Fayez // Inspector G

  • davnnk // Canine Band

  • Damon Broussard // powerpuff boyz

  • The Lizard King // stopwatch


For the month of February, the event theme is cooking up a saucy RNB beat, 75 BPM or less. For the full event details, visit our events web page.

Thanks for reading homies, stay creative and have fun!

-Damon Broussard // Tsunami Sounds

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