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GENESIS: INSTINCT is the second volume of the GENESIS trilogy. The series is set in a distant cyberpunk future and recalls a tale of rogue A.I causing a mass extinction event on Earth. The main character, Ada, flees to a remote alien planet named "Elucia" in order to survive. Stuck there with only her small team, she is tasked with the biggest survival & rescue mission in history. 

Genesis - 2_Final.jpg

Details / info:

  • This project will be made into a limited edition CD. Participating artists are entitled to one free copy, if you pay shipping. Additional copies will be charged.

  • The sound of Genesis Vol.II is ambient, lush, melodically evolving, and a balanced mixture of motivational & deep emotions.  (not loops or overly-simple compositions). 

  • There is no set release date yet. 

  • Splits for this project are 60/40 (60% to label). We may be recouping costs for expenses made on CD manufacturing, product photography, artwork, etc. A full recouping sheet will be available to participating artists.

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