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Distant Voices (Sep. 2021) 

Distant Voices is a 5-track ambient EP by India based artist Pr4ntik. It's full of soundscapes & ever-changing atmospheres. Find the entire project here


slow sails (July 2021) 

Slow sails is a quiet, peaceful 5-track EP by Japanese artist birds humming the beat.

Find the entire project here


Yellow String Memory (July 2021) 

“Yellow String Memory” by USA based artist “Low Key Trampoline”  is a 5-track album that utilizes hand-played, live instrumentation for a raw, rustic and nostalgic vibe. Stream the full project here


"The songs on Yellow String Memory come from a place that’s behind me - my past self as a 15 yr. old floating on a raft in the middle of the lake - but they are built by my hands today. They are hopeful songs, honest songs, songs that I made to express myself, songs that help me stay free within a world that wants more than I can give. I truly hope you take these songs in and connect them to your own feelings, create your own characters inside these songs, see your own journey in the footsteps these songs left behind"- Low Key Trampoline. 

yellow string memory by Fee.jpg

Kukyo (June 2021) 

Immerse yourself into the watery, mist-filled world of “Kukyo”, the new album by trumpeter and ambient/chill composer Garot Michael Conklin. Stream the entire project here.


The spacious, ambient textures call out to the listener, inviting you into this dreamy, swirling universe. Lush synth pads, super chilled-out beats, and beautifully flowing bass lines guide us through this calm and meditative soundscape. This album is everything we’ve come to expect and appreciate about Conklin’s music. The cohesive art was created by Japanese illustrator 'Cyon', by our creative direction team. Presave here


Dream Garden (May 2021) 

This album by Autonne is full of smooth keyboard progressions, thick reverb, intriguing room noises, and organic, hard-hitting polyrhythmic percussion. These sounds and feelings are buried just beneath a casual, easy-going sonic surface, but dig deeper you can easily observe a musical alchemy going on - a delicate marriage between calculated chemistry and free-flow emotional expression.


Each track pulls you deeper and deeper into the heart of Autonne’s whimsical odyssey, a sound that gushes positivity, creativity, blurred musical boundaries, and a chillhop/acid-jazz core that burns and spins with ease and intensity. Stream the full project here

Gardens within-01.png

Akari (April 2021) is our label's third album compilation project. Our label has a passion for Japanese aesthetics & artistic perspectives, so we teamed up with Akisai, Paniyolo, Yutaka Hirasaka and Yoshinori Takezawa. The goal for this was to deliver easygoing & uplifting vibes. Revolving around live instrumentation and peaceful melodies. Stream the full project here.


Save Our World (Feb 2021) is our label's second full-scale production. With this project, we tried to raise awareness about environmental rights within our niche and raise funds for charity. We're donating 20% of streaming and physical sales. We also launched our official clothing line. Find the entire project here


Waves (Aug 2020) was our first-ever compilation album & physical project. The idea began during the tension-filled time of 2020 when we felt a desperate longing for peace and stability. From the melancholic guitars of Japanese producer Yutaka Hirasaka to the colorful and uplifting tones of Mexican producer Akiarashi, the story is told in this limited edition vinyl, expertly illustrated by Santpoort.​ Find the full project here