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Vibe out with our 500+ song catalog of instrumental Hip Hop, vocal Hip Hop, and ambient music.

Latest drops

Date: 9/03/2024

Jaydottcee brings us part one of "reflections".

Can you rep Jesus and break necks at the same time? Jaydottcee shows us the way.


Date: 8/02/24

Ounak & konb pay homage to the island of Umashima.

Off the coast of Tokyo is a small island named "Umashima". 

Umashima_design (1).jpg

Date: 8/02/24

Life is not a game. Or is it?

The Waiting Room: Soular Child.

 A clever ambient & drone project that uses video game themes and mixes them with existential meanings.

Soular Child- Soulscapes.jpg
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