2022 compilation. Submissions closed
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Genesis is a concept project that unravels a dramatic story arc where Earth is ruined overnight by an Artificial intelligence agency. With global supply chains sabotaged and diplomacy in confusion, Earth is on track for an unrecoverable disaster. The world is now run by A.I. and its' anti-human manifesto.


The Story of Elucia is the first part to the Genesis trilogy. It begins as Ada's team flees to a distant planet Elucia to preserve anything that they can. The story is a sophisticated journey about humanity and our purpose. It places us into the desperation of the situation, and invites us to ask 


We're looking for spacey, heavily-reverbed, futuristic Chillhop type beats with strong lead melodies. Not so much organic sounds (Except for percussions/drums) or acoustic instruments. "Background type beats" might also be underwhelming for this curation. Think thematic and retro / futuristic. The mood we're looking for ranges, the beginning of the story of Genesis will be more dissonant & uncertain, while the later half the album might be more uplifting & hopeful. Your song will be placed according to the vibe. 

Official cover artwork has been meticulously crafted by our art direction team Behind Walls Media, and will be revealed at a later date. Concept art has been created by Adventuresp1rit

Reference spotify playlist: Here

Submission deadline: End of December 2021


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