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The Story of Elucia
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Genesis is a trilogy concept project that unravels a dramatic story set in year 2413, where Earth is sabotaged overnight by an Artificial intelligence agency. The agency, nicknamed "Noah", has taken control of all digital operations worldwide, setting Earth back technologically thousands of years. The event triggered the start of humans extinction.


The first part to the Genesis trilogy is The Story of Elucia; a sophisticated portrayal of defeat, reflection, and hope. The story begins as the main character Ada and her team have evacuated to a far planet named Elucia, as refugees. The music exposes the complicated emotions and takes you on an ever-evolving journey of dispair, hope, and deep reflection.

The initial idea came about around the time of the 2020 U.S. elections. It was a hectic time with many unfortunate situations unfolding at once. The backdrop of my mind was chaos, desperation, yet at the same time, hope. This project strongly echoed my hope, to get through these tough times and start new, refreshed, with our past to guide us. The name "Genesis" alone was representative for my desire to start anew, with 

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