2021 compilation. Submissions open
Gemesis (Ada - Desert) (Final) (JPG).jpg

Story synopsis 

Year 2570, humanity on Earth has descended into almost complete poverty. The last of the nations have merged to create an endless A.I. - led group named the 'Geo-corp', an effort to mechanize humans, enabling them to work among the now unlivable conditions. 

The story of Genesis features 'Ada'; a young human/machine hybrid who was born on Earth. She's now a part of a rebel group named 'KITA', stationed in outer space. Their next mission is to explore a distant planet to search for a new, habitable zone to establish for the human species. 


Music: We're looking for electronic, spacey, futuristic Chillhop type beats. Not so much Lofi or organic sounds. Think thematic and retro / futuristic. The mood we're looking for ranges, the beginning of the story of Genesis will be more dissonant & uncertain, while the later half the album might be more uplifting & hopeful. Your song will be placed according to the vibe 

Artwork we will be utilizing our aesthetic team at Behind Walls Agency to create a new illustration that is coherent with the story & direction. There will also be a physical poster for this project!

Reference playlist: Here