2022 compilation. Submissions open
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At the turn of the 23rd century, Earth went under attack by one of its own creations- an AI group named “The New Industry”. Originally built to help solve the worlds most complex problems, the corrupted group has now waged war against humanity.

The story of Genesis begins with Ada, a member of the 'KITA rebel group'. The KITA group was established after the attack, and has since evacuated their team from Earth due to the fear of total annihilation. They have one goal: to preserve humanity at all costs.


Their current objective is to explore a distant planet named Elucia, to use as a refugee land for their fallen home. Ada must first navigate the mysterious world and learn of its nature, and what she finds may hold the keys to stopping the New Industries power-hold back on Earth.


Genesis is part one: The story of Elucia

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We're looking for spacey, heavily-reverbed, futuristic Chillhop type beats with strong lead melodies. Not so much organic sounds (Except for percussions/drums) or acoustic instruments. "Background type beats" might also be underwhelming for this curation. Think thematic and retro / futuristic. The mood we're looking for ranges, the beginning of the story of Genesis will be more dissonant & uncertain, while the later half the album might be more uplifting & hopeful. Your song will be placed according to the vibe. 

Official cover artwork has been meticulously crafted by our art direction team Behind Walls Media, and will be revealed at a later date. Concept art has been created by Adventuresp1rit

Reference spotify playlist: Here

Submission deadline: End of December 2021


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