2021 compilation. Submissions open

Genesis is our third official compilation project. We will be embarking on a sci-fi story, featuring a lone refugee who crash lands on a mysterious and foreign planet. This will be the first of many inside this new Tsunami universe. 

Creative direction:

  • Music: We’re going for a spacey, uncertain yet hopeful vibe. Imagine yourself as an uneasy traveler exploring this strange place; while not being certain if it's dangerous or peaceful yet. Ideally, these songs will be more-so futuristic, Chillhop, etc. Not so much nature and Lofi-based, though our mind is open. Just a heads up, we are being a lot more selective for this project; send your best quality tracks.

  • Artwork we will be utilizing our aesthetic team at Behind Walls Agency to create a new illustration that is coherent with the story & direction.

  • Inspiration: This project comes as we attempt to increase the quality of everything we do- we aim to make this an unforgettable journey that goes through story, art, and music.



  • This compilation album will be named “Genesis” 


  • Royalty splits will be 60/40 (Artists get 60%)


  • This project is being distributed through Dashgo 


  • This will release somewhere in Sept-Oct of 2021


  • I will provide contracts around August


  • I’ll need your finished song by End of July

  • If you have questions or concerns, contact me here