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About your release

*Please fill out our pre-planning link


Your label release is a "Type-2" project, which means it is a one-off work that we will primarily market through our playlists, internal contacts, blogs, and more. This deal type does not include social media posts from our label accounts during release week. As we have grown, our content schedule has become busier. Due to this, we reserve our Instagram feed for Type 1 projects, general label updates, and important branding content.

What you have access to:


The art direction strategy varies for each project, but we handle all sides of digital design and asset creation, physical packaging, and aesthetic guidance so that you can focus on the music. Most deals will have in-house designs. All deals include cover artwork and a 9:16 promotional video for your social media content. We use the project pre-planning form linked at the top of this page to start the concepting process.


Most of our value is in the pre-planning & creative phase, where we generate strong, presentable marketable concepts, create strategic rollouts, and utilize our relationships to have an effective pitch. Our platform has a blog and in-house playlistsincluding an official Dashgo / Downtown music curation (Lo-fi Japan), ensuring long-term track growth. We have an emphasis on promoting our back catalog, so we'll continue to support and pitch your work even years after its release depending on the opportunities we receive. 


We have a thriving team of professional and novice artists who we can plug you with, helping to bridge any technical or creative gap that you face. If you're looking to join our exclusive group chat and regularly chat with our members, send a message to our team. 


Interested in learning new insights, numbers, or analysis? Artists in our roster can request data on anything and we'll use our premium plan with chartmetric to provide you with answers and strategic insight.

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