'Save our world' compilation

Stream the compilation below. 20% of all royalties will be donated to charitable causes.


The climate change issue we face is more complicated than it seems. The causes are far more than just pollution and deforestation; and the effects are more than just changes in our temperature. 

At Tsunami, we believe people should be living more in balance with nature while respecting their environments; but we also understand it's not always easy or possible to do in todays society. Our lifestyles are one of the big contributing factors to the larger problem at hand. As we see the influence social media has on our behavior grow, we see this as an opportunity to help slow the curve, even slightly, through our values.

Our label encourages people to be more conscious of their consumption habits when possible, and to align them with healthier, more sustainable options. Our motto is "Peace, Power, Community", and none of this can exist without delicate attention to ones connection to the world & its people.

As our label grows, we'll keep a vision focused on using our influence to spread light & peace through the world. Our projects are always directed to uplift the listener. We hope this one does just that. 20% of streaming & physical sales profits will be donated to charitable causes! 

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