Save our world

2021 compilation. Submissions closed

#S.O.W is a project to raise awareness for climate change and respect for our environments. Our overall mission is to push a movement of peace, power, and community. We believe a clean environment is critical for that. 20% of streaming royalties and 20% of physical sales for this project will be donated to an organization that will be decided later. (If you have recommendations, let me know!)

Creative direction:

  • Music: We’re going for a happy /exploratory /reflective / or melancholic (not sad) vibe. Trying to portray the earth poetically, in a state of prosperity. Electronic sounds are fine as well. For those who are willing, please name your song something within a nature / earthy theme. We'll be pairing select songs with official music videos from our nature-based brand Behind Walls

  • Artwork for the single cover will be created by Santpoort. He will also be illustrating a poster, building on the album cover design, to create an invigorating oasis, reflecting some of the magical features that are now vanishing across the world.​ Another surprise will be announced upon project drop date.

  • Inspiration: This project is inspired by the historic wildfires currently burning throughout the U.S. west coast, my home town. It's been a sad reality for nature in recent years; the amount of devastation going on makes me desperately cling to the natural beauty we have left. In this project, we’re trying to restore and create interest in our environments. Our goal is to portray the world through a fresh set of eyes, giving listeners a taste of the excellence the world still has to offer. 



  • This compilation album will be named “Save our world” (Marketed as #S.O.W)


  • Royalty splits will be 40/40/20 (Artists get 40%, Tsunami gets 40%, We donate 20%)


  • This project is being distributed through Dashgo 


  • This will release on Feb 2nd


  • I will provide contracts around November-December


  • I’ll need your finished song by End of december

  • If you have questions or concerns, contact me here

  • For more info about our deals, visit here

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