Music releases

Our mission

The Tsunami network values community & collaboration above all else. Our style is casual, but passionate. We aim to create some of the highest-quality projects that span across music, art, and story. 

What kind of music/artists are we looking for?

We're looking mostly for original music in Chillhop, Lofi, Ambient, Folk/Folktronica, etc. We're a forward-thinking label, and as such, we're focusing on emerging trends and innovative sounds. Exceptional groove & melody writing skills are preferred. 


The current royalty split standard for Tsunami Sounds is 55/45 (Artists receive 55%, Tsunami gets 45%, collaborations will be adjusted). Standard splits for Twilight Grooves (our sub-label) are 65/35 (artists receive 65%). All releases will be distributed through Dashgo. We also will provide the artwork for releases via our art agency Behind Walls Media, unless an agreement for otherwise is made. Depending on the release, we may ask to recoup our expenses for the presentation on your project before sending out royalties, and if that is so, we will inform you transparently.


Our presentation budget for your release depends on many factors, and not every release will get an in-depth release plan. Each project is handled uniquely, reach out if you have any questions!

If you would like to join our team, submit a form at the button below!

*Note: Due to a booked schedule, our demo submissions for Tsunami are closed and will re-open in September