Music releases

Our mission

The Tsunami network values community & collaboration above all else. Our style is casual, but passionate. We aim to create some of the highest-quality projects that span across music, art, and story, while keeping a fun & friendly balance. Find our released works here, and join our community here.

What kind of music/artists are we looking for?

We're looking mostly for original music in Chillhop, Lofi, Ambient, Folk/Folktronica, etc. We're a forward-thinking label, and as such, we're focusing on emerging trends and innovative sounds. Exceptional groove & melody writing skills are preferred. We also accept Funk, Soul and R&B music at our sub-label, Twilight Grooves.


Each release is handled uniquely depending on the sound and our strategy. We have a small but dedicated marketing team to pitch our music, and we own a visual agency to help with presentation & press related content for fitting releases. 

-Class A releases receive custom artwork and presentation by our artwork agency Behind Walls Media, a press release, a 6 week paid marketing campaign, and full access to Tsunami Playlist opportunities. The royalty splits for this class is 60/40 (Artists receive 40%).

-Class B releases receive light (unpaid) marketing among our social media & communities, as well as access to Tsunami Playlist opportunities. The artwork is carried out by in-house artists and may not be as expensive as Class A visuals. The royalty splits for this class is 70/30 (Artists receive 70%). 

-A&R Deals If you were contacted by an A&R of ours, the deal arrangement will be slightly modified and agreed upon by all involved

The class separation is to set clear expectations, and organize our releases based on profitability & value. Our label will choose which class your project fits, based on our music direction.

*Note: Due to a booked schedule, our demo submissions for Tsunami are closed and will re-open in September

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