Music x Game

What it is:

  • KITA is a virtual universe & meeting space for our artist community at Tsunami Sounds. Here, we host three virtual biomes that each have one of our Spotify playlists going on in the background 24/7, for a unique, interactive listening experience. ​​

  • You can access KITA, (the virtual hub), on the gaming platform Steam. You can also access the game in-browser, although as a highly scaled-down edition. Both editions are compatible with VR headsets!

  • Once Inside the virtual hub of KITA, you will find portals to the three locations. You can interact with other users, host private VR-playlist listening sessions with friends (Including your own music), search for hidden easter eggs, and much more. 

  • This project will have a beta launch in June, 2021, and is expected to fully launch in August, 2021.

  • This project was developed & made by possible by the team at Polycarbon games, and was directed by Damon Broussard

Stormy Sundays is our playlist for downtempo, moody and rainy curations. We designed this mystical jungle biome with the users vibes in mind; find a spot to snuggle into and get lost in crazy abyss!


Monday Mornings is our communities favorite- a jumpy blend of uptempo beats certain to turn a frown upside down. If you need some daytime sea-side city vibes, go sit down by the beach and jam to our community tracks!


Atmospheres represents a selection of dreamy, drone-like music that can transport you to another dimension. In this biome, use the special key to fly around as an orb of tailing light.