Virtual metaverse

Project KITA (V.1) is a web-based virtual space for our label to uniquely showcase our work, and to provide a fun & engaging place for creatives. 

  • The game should load below (Might take a minute on the first-load)

  • Game performance will vary depending on the strength of your computer

  • This is unplayable on the Safari browser

  • Some features (like artist accreditation links in art gallery) are currently broken

  • Press "W" to walk, "A" and "D" to strafe, "Shift" to sprint, "Space" to jump. 

  • When you enter Project KITA, you will spawn in the lobby.

  • The lobby contains a virtual art gallery, a news bulletin for our label work, in addition to 3 portals. Left click any of the images or screens to see more information.

  • The portals each take you to a world that features background music made from the artists in our label. 

  • The main mechanic for the game is parkour (Not yet added). - with more mechanics being planned.

  • There are existing issues, and refreshing the page usually fixes most errors (music not loading, in-game screens become white, etc)

  • This version is considered experimental and early-access. 

  • For Tech support, contact

  • For creative support, contact

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