Project: Waves

Waves is our labels first-ever project, and it's still one of our most successful releases to date. This crowdfunded vinyl project received unanimous praise from the presentation quality, to the all-cohesive music. As a first attempt, our team widely regards this title as a massive success and we look forward to hosting volume two, when the timing is best. Find the full project here.

Creative Direction by Damon Broussard

Art by Santpoort


Waves released on August 4th, 2020, at such an appropriate time. The united States was gripped with violent protests, engulfing wildfires, and political uncertainty. Originally, Waves didn't quite have a concept. We only had a certain 'sound' in mind. Yet, as the release drew nearer, we started to understand where this title fit in our story. The title "Waves" was drawn up to portray a feeling of "reincarnation", or at least refreshment in a much needed time.

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