Project: Genesis: The Elucian Story

The Genesis series is an allegory to the worsening state of global culture, inspired by darker themes of 90's Japanese animation. The story begins with a fictional story: One of Earths' last living factions manages to flee to a distant planet, named Elucia, while a rapid extinction wrecks havoc back on Earth. The lessons they learn in starting their lives over contain the essence of Genesis. Find the entire project here.

Creative Direction by Damon Broussard

Concept art by Adventure Spirit

CD / Digital design by Cyon

Mastering by Ayzic


The story begins at the end of the 22nd century, when an A.I. organization successfully hacked and scrambled the global computer infrastructure resulting in an immediate extinction event, spurred by global supply chain failures, food shortages, and overall chaos and confusion. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, while every nation has been equally affected. A group named "KITA" is one of the last remaining formidable forces on Earth, and soon flees to a distant planet named Elucia in order to escape certain death.

The project begins as Ada (main character) and her team arrive to Elucia, and tells a story of complete defeat. It echoes our reality of a worsening spiral of events and calls us to make difficult decisions where we cannot simply 'continue', but are forced to make radical changes. It calls us to put ourselves in a "Genesis" perspective where we have lost everything and are now left to question; "If we could start entirely new, what would we change?".

The project inspiration came from the hectic year of 2021, where U.S. elections and COVID led to a tense political and economic atmosphere in our nation, which still continues. We wanted to bring an artistic twist to our potential future while at the same time weaving a story of hope within, to maybe inspire a new age, a new way of thinking about the future and our behavior. After all, if our image of the "future" results in global catastrophe, perhaps it's not a future we should aspire to achieve. The Genesis series hopes to tell a wholistic story of humanities maturity, realizing in hindsight, after complete destruction, what matters the most.

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