Project: Afterglow (3/25/22)

Afterglow is an important project for the ambient music scene, created by Venn over at the Sound Meditation label. The artwork, concept and title was directed by our visual team, and most of the sound selection was handled by Sound Meditation. Afterglow captured the heart of our ambient fans and musicians alike, setting a new standard within the niche. We're proud of the outcome, and grateful for the chance to work with Sound Meditation on such a thorough project. Find the entire project here.


A thick twilight feeling resurfaced in the project as we listened for the first time, reminding us of a stillness that can be felt in ordinary places; the tranquility of a time & place that is undisturbed by artificial activity. The project conveys a fleeting aura and because of this, we decided on the title "Afterglow" - which means "the light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set". Similarly, the songs on this project emanate an aura that remains in the back of your mind. Reflecting the modern struggle of the sensory chaos of city life, and of our desire for human connection. The resulting flavor of this 24-track album is dynamic but at the same time cohesive, as if made by one artist, with one vision.

With the title and vibe now in mind, we moved the idea forward with the concept artist Adventure Spirit. His skill in understanding a vision is unmatched, and for a project as vivid as this, the emotional translation was critical. We didn't think a design that was too in focus or photorealistic would work. The album sounded blurry, soft, like it was a peripheral feeling rather than an in-your-face one. So we instructed for an abstract type of design focused on that intimate, fleeting vibe of the title, "Afterglow".

Once we delivered the final image (top), Venn then made different versions of the cover art for each individual artist, including videos that reflected this blue, Afterglow emotion for Spotify canvas, social media, etc.

Venn and our team did an amazing job with building out a visual and spatial narrative- turning this into an experience you can feel. It's easy to miss the significance in ambient music sometimes, so our goal going into this project was to add as many sensory elements as possible that would stay with the listener, leaving a faint, tranquil glow in the back of our minds. Between the visuals, music, assets and delivery, the project attempts to reach deeper than the ears. This is something we strive for in all our work. Listen to a few of the tracks below:

Angels Harp by Kodama sounds refreshingly pure- as if waking up in a new life inside an oasis untouched by the evils of life. The glistening harps and arps feel like ice crystals gently massaging your face.

Drifting by Retland is a great representation of this "fleeting" feeling. Soft Foley invites the listener to a vast imaginative field, full of life and timelessness.

Life by Infinity Fields is another one that locks you in a timeless zone, above the worries of the world and into the eternal.

Just Breathe by Brannan Lane is a morphological masterpiece. The song twists, weaves, and resolves into itself without breaking its form.

If you'd like to hear more, you can hear the entire project here. If you're a fan of ambient music in general, check out Sound Meditation's ambient catalog , as well as our ambient catalog too. Thank you for reading and we encourage you to reach out, let us know how the project impacted you. Until next time!

To find this release as well as other similar ambient styles, check out our official Atmospheres ambience playlist on Spotify (Below).

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