Nariko: Language of Flowers is our labels newest title scheduled for winter 2023. The story begins inside the Hidden Forest of Ayame; a sanctuary shrouded with rain and eternal twilight. One day while exploring the forest, a young girl named Nariko becomes lost and is so enchanted by the atmosphere that she decides to abandon her old life to remain in the forest, forever. After making the decision, the Gods who watch over Ayame assign Nariko to become the forest's guardian. Language of Flowers tells a story about Nariko longing for peace, and finding it by chasing her purpose.


Details / info:

  • This project will be made into a limited edition CD. Participating artists are entitled to one free copy, if you pay shipping. Additional copies will be charged.

  • The sound of this project is uplifting, light, melodic, atmospheric, hopeful and joyous.

  • There is no set release date. 

  • Splits for this project are 60/40 (60% to label). We may be recouping costs for expenses made on CD manufacturing, product photography, artwork, etc. A full recouping sheet will be available to participating artists.

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