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"Nariko: Language of Flowers" is an environmentally-focused project inspired by the ongoing drought in California. It's a watery soundtrack that calls us to appreciate the natural world and reflect on how it influences our emotions, packaged in an aesthetic watercolor concept.

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Nariko: Language of Flowers

"Nariko: Language of Flowers" is a watery soundtrack to the story of a mystical girl named Nariko, who lives in a forest where it has rained forever. The album hints at a deeper appreciation for the natural world, the power of language, and the influence of nature on human emotions. 

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  1. Dreamchaser- Alma Animo​

  2. Is this joy- Rhesa Siregar

  3. Desire- Garot Michael Conklin

  4. Himmelsleid- Nel Gabriel

  5. Apeiron- Joseef

  6. I Love You- Sampladelic

  7. Move- Kyle J-E

  8. Sizuku- Akase


  • Find the pre-save link here

  • The first track will release on May 2nd

  • The second track will release May 17th

  • The full album will release on May 29th

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