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TSTG helped jumpstart my journey as an ambient music producer. My first ambient release was with them and I’ve accumalated the most numbers I’ve had on Spotify since then. What matters more to me though is that they’re really about the people. They’re easy to reach and pretty much always down to work with artists, assisting in networking and connecting them with one another too. Great vibes all around and it’s only up from here!

TSTG has truly come to mean a lot to me as a music composer.  I have always been extremely introverted and quite guarded when it came to talking about and sharing my music with other music makers.  However, since coming into contact with the whole tsunami/twilight crew, I've become more inspired, encouraged, and pushed to be better.  Nothing but love for the TSTG family!

-Brittany "B.A. Mac"

Tsunami has not only been a creative outlet but a home.  The connections made, help received from Damon, and overall mission are all the most immediate things that come to mind but trust the list goes on.   The amount of help and detail put into my first full length album with Damon is something I’ll never forget and a major stepping point in my career.  I owe a lot to Tsunami and its community and I feel lucky to be involved.  Thanks for everything! ❤️

-Taki Brano

Tsunami Sounds was the first label to believe in my music and show deep appreciation for my sound. Not only are they all about the music but they’re also all about the artist. Damon and the crew strive to for us to be successful and are consistent with bringing us new knowledge and insight on being a successful artist. With TSTG it honestly feels like we’re in all this together. My music was able to reach new heights with them, not to mention all the amazing artists I’ve been able to collab with. It’s an amazing community that I’m blessed to be a part of.

-Theo Juarez

I found the Tsunami Circle FB group as I was just starting to learn how to produce on my own. I'm not even sure I remember how I found it or was added to begin with. I would've stayed on that path of learning how to produce either way, but this group greatly accelerated my growth as a producer, and as an artist. It was a great place to ask questions and discuss methods to learn from each other. I'm very grateful for being able to be a part of that group.

-Kyle J-E

TSTG has always shown love from the jump. There’s a few of us that chat on the daily and we keep each other inspired. Super dope to be part of a like minded community.

I wouldn’t be doing what I do without you boo-boo! ❤️

-Odem Medo

Tsunami now TSTG has been pushing the envelope on new ways to connect with their audiences, producers and fans like while providing new sub genres/styles which inspires us all.

-DJ Bigdad

Definitely added a new outlet to display new genres of music that I have created. Looking forward on doing more project with TSTG.

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