Hidden Places EP

2021 compilation. Submissions open

Hidden Places EP will be an exclusive physical-only release. (Still available on Bandcamp and direct purchase on our sites) We plan to create a CD-run.

The goal with this project is to create a collector series project full of roughly 6 high quality tracks. We'll be carefully designing artwork and an overarching theme for the project

Creative direction:

  • Music: The name of the EP, Hidden Places, suggests a 'secret' or 'fleeting' vibe. As always, our aesthetic is inspired by the earth and natural things of beauty; please theme your song around worldly environments, trying to capture the serenity of untouched places.

  • Artwork for the single cover is still being drafted. Check in later for updates.



  • This compilation album will be named “Hidden Places” 

  • Digital/Physical sales splits will be 40/60 (Artists get 40%, Tsunami gets 60%) 


  • This will release on June 7th


  • I will provide contracts around May

  • I’ll need your finished song by Beginning of May​​

  • You will be contacted eventually letting you know if you're accepted

  • If you have questions or concerns, contact me here

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