Payout info

  • The next Bandcamp payout for our label releases will be on Aug. 4th, 2021. (We pay half of every sale to the respective artist(s)).

  • Royalty splits are 55% for artist,  45% for Tsunami (For singles),

  • For a 2-person collab, they are 35% to each artist and 30% to Tsunami.

  • For additional team sizes we can work something out.

  • Income from streaming is automatically calculated and sent out by our distributor, Dashgo. If you've not received any royalties, or you have another streaming-related issue, please contact me. Note that It could take up to 3 months or longer to see any income from your release. Also note you should have received & filled out an email form from Dashgo, confirming your preferred method of being paid. Contact me if you've not received that either.

  • A contract agreement will be sent to your email within one month of the release


  • You can upload your song on your own soundcloud / Youtube account. Our songs do not have content ID scanning or any fingerprinting. Just mention our label because why not :)

  • If someone / something wants to use your song for a feature, video, background music, etc. That is okay, as long as they are not uploading the work to a DSP (Like Spotify, apple music, etc).

  • Unless specifically arranged, our deals do not include publishing / sync royalties. It is up to you to register the work under a PRO and claim those. 

Artwork aesthetic

To maintain a consistent artistic direction, we design all covers (and spotify Canvases), or we will commission work from an artist within our network. If you have artwork in mind, just let us know and we can work something out. 

Song credits

We try to release music with those who are proud of working with us & associating with our label. We put our label name second as an artist on our songs so that it's easy to recognize a Tsunami release, and because we're super proud to represent the work we've done with others. Our particular goal is to grow a reputable & lovable image that artists can benefit being associated with, and for that it takes good branding and consistency. If you have any questions about this, contact me.

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Each song at minimum receives an indefinite amount of time in our own playlists (7k est. followers). They'll be rotated in & out, forever. Each song is also placed into our Discography playlist, which we run ads on, for a steady flow of streams. Each song also gets shared across all of our socials, our groups, and our Discord. Most songs also receive premium pitching to submithub & across our developed network of curators.

For select songs we will create an official video through our sister label Behind Walls, which we'll have an ad budget for as well. These videos are posted across all socials and on Tsunami's home page, and the playlist submission "thank-you" page (500+ visitors monthly)

Our distributor, Dashgo, owns several large playlists on Apple music and may place select songs for high exposure, at their curation.


Overall, we're striving to be more of a creative label than a financially driven one. As a very small group, we don't have a dedicated marketing team. So your music may not receive the numbers that it would in a typical label. We instead focus on how to deliver a project in the most creative way possible, using overarching themes and being careful with visual design and presentation. 

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