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4-track instrumental EP by Diego CEO

Metadata & feats


Metadata & information:

Release date: Feb 13nd

Artist name: Diego CEO

Album title: Ever Grateful

Label: 津波

Artist location: Italy

Genres: Lofi Beats, Chillhop, Jazz Beats

Moods: Chill, Meditative

BPM: 72 - 110

Writers: Diego CEO

Focus Track: M.A.D. (So Glad)

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About "Ever Grateful"

Ever Grateful is a nostalgic look into the early life of Diego, told through intimate photos and videos of loved ones as they laugh, love, and stay connected through generation after generation. The album features many real-life dialogue and quotes from impactful moments in Diego's life, and prominently features emotional piano and orchestral elements to create a cinematic sound.

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