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ADRENOX in Japan

Join us in talking with ADRENOX, videographer and creative director as we talk about his journey as a creative, and how we can take our skills to the next level.

Talks with Aviary Bridge records

In this article we talk with Co-owner of Aviary Bridge records regarding how to deal with labels, what you should have ready as an artist, and the current state of lofi / chillhop

How to think more creatively in music and life

Read our discussion with Santpoort, an amazingly talented and creative artist as we get a glimpse into his work flow and his philosophies around creating

Mixing your beats to perfection

Join our discussion with Ninevibez- an audio engineering enthusiast, as we talk about common mixing issue and tips/tricks to help your beats sound better

Coming soon

Talking with owner of Lofivibe

The great Lofivibe joins us in this episode talking about how he got started, why he got started, and shares some crucial direction for producers

Talking with owner of Stzzyasfuck

We have yet another influential curator willing to share his thoughts with us. Stay tuned as we develop the story!

Teach and learn and grow

We believe that one of the best ways to grow is to teach what you know. We also love giving artists a voice and a platform for them to tell their story and perspective on art and life. It's our goal to stir up something like a mentorship platform; a place you can come for diverse, deep, heartfelt wisdom.