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Sepia Bay is a compilation project containing a dynamic range of production styles. All involved beats were submitted as entries to one of our monthly beat events. Check out volume one here. The vision for this project series is to create a fun, creative, and experimental sound, helping artists find refreshment from genre limitations. Our beat events are often a variety of styles such as Liquid Funk, Mallsoft, Chillhop, Chiptune, Phonk, and other prompts limited by a challenge or theme. This is a great project if you enjoy the fusion of many production styles.

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Details / info:

  • This project will be made into a limited edition CD. Participating artists are entitled to one free copy, if you pay shipping. Additional copies will be charged.

  • The sound of this project is dynamic, limitless, and surprising.

  • There is no set release date yet. 

  • Splits for this project are 60/40 (60% to label). We may be recouping costs for expenses made on CD manufacturing, product photography, artwork, etc. A full recouping sheet will be available to participating artists.

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