GENESIS: INSTINCT is the continuation of our GENESIS trilogy, taking place in a post-apocalyptic timeline caused by an unknown A.I. organization. In episode one (The Elucian Story), a surviving science team led by Ada has fled to a distant, unknown planet named Elucia, where they were forced to rebuild the human species from nothing. In episode two (Instinct), they learn more about the Elucian inhabitants, discovering a mysterious creature possessing telepathic abilities. This animal forms a bond with Ada and pledges to help them return to Earth, and to put an end to the enemy. But first, the creature has an unfathomable truth for the team to unpack.

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Details / info:

  • This project will be made into a limited edition CD. Participating artists are entitled to one free copy, if you pay shipping. Additional copies will be charged.

  • The sound of Genesis Vol.II is ambient, lush, melodically evolving (not loops or overly-simple compositions). Emotions: Dismal, mysterious, uncertain, lost, but not sad.

  • There is no set release date yet. 

  • Splits for this project are 60/40 (60% to label). We may be recouping costs for expenses made on CD manufacturing, product photography, artwork, etc. A full recouping sheet will be available to participating artists.

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