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The Creative Circle

How design can help us in art and life

5 -7 minute read, TL;DR version at end

Santpoort also illustrated the cover art for his album "Inward isles"

Welcome friends! We're happy to finally roll out the Creative circle discussion series! This is designed to approach creative questions in different ways, and hopefully give some useful tips / tricks to boost your production game.


Today we bring you Anthony, a super talented designer among many other things. His background consists of a lot of storytelling, being a graphic / branding artist, so I decided to probe his mind in search for some useful things we can learn from him.

Thanks for being willing to share your thoughts with us!!

You're definitely talented when it comes to visually representing a story. Your work on our Tsunami branding was above my expectations and watching the entire process helped me understand design a little better. It's a lot more story-driven and meaningful than I had ever thought.

Design can be powerful and moving. It's essentially the art of catching the viewers attention and conveying a message. 


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