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exmaxhina, a producer and visionary based in Oklahoma City with influences from artists such as Bonobo, Emancipator, trxxshed, Mr.Bill, Hands Like Houses, and Galimatias . From eerie soundscapes to vibing melodies, his soundscapes transport listeners to lush worlds filled with glitches and binaural brain candy. With visions of pioneering a new sub-genre in low fidelity music, exmaxhina creates "dark lofi glitch", a fresh take on an already beautiful genre.


“My primary goal is to be able to share my sound with oncoming generations of artists. Creating a subgenre is like experimenting in the kitchen and creating amazing dishes. Conjuring a unique flavor of music for myself to enjoy was the initial goal, but being able to share that with others has become a blessing.


My hobbies outside of producing music consists of more ways to further my craft by creating visual art, photographs, live jams, music videos, podcasts, and literally any other form of art and expression I can think of. Sometimes putting on local events to get more ears exposed to a new wave. When I’m not creating I can definitely binge a good anime from time to time!”.

Find his catalog with us here.

Find Garot's website.


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