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One of the most depressing things to see coming from artists is poor quality. We all go through it as beginners, this can't be skipped. However an even more depressing thing is seeing artists get finessed into an unprofessional visual look. Since the accessibility era, we have thousands of people labeling themselves as "designers" in spite of no industry experience or true love for the design culture, all to make a quick buck. 


Our goal at Tsunami is to do our best to educate artists on what they should be aware of in the art business. And also to provide a platform that showcases the artists who CARE about quality.

Sammy has been a friend for close to 5 years and since day one, he has always been more focused on the culture and quality of designs than the money the work brings. I feel like he can bring you some great info!

What's up Sammy! It inspires me to hear about other peoples artistic journeys and how it all developed. How did Sam Flecher Designs come to be?

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