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Note: Your submission must have been created strictly for this challenge. Any pre-existing songs that are submitted will not be included in the polls.

Previous challenges

Theme: Peace

Dates: 06/08 - 06/19/20

Rules: Create a beat themed around a "peaceful" feeling 

Link to results HERE

Theme: Sounds of nature

Dates: 04/25 - 5/09

Rules: Use lots of foley, nature sounds & samples to portray a nature theme. Drum samples and synths are okay. 

Link to results HERE

Theme: Acapella flip

Dates: 05/13 - 5/27

Rules: Pick any acapella, and create a beat around it 

Link to results HERE

Theme: Game/Film

Dates: 04/06/20 - 4/17/20

Rules: You must sample or remix any song from any game, tv show, or movie. 

Link to results: HERE

Theme: World Culture sample flip

Dates: 07/13 - 7/25

Rules: Sample something from any culture

Link to results HERE

Theme: Hubert Laws sample flip

Dates: 09/08 - 09/22e

Link to results HERE

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