A&R Program​

Our team (Tsunami Sounds & Twilight Grooves) focuses heavily on culture and community. The goal for this program is to build a more diverse artistic perspective as a label, and to include more of our community in our operations.


What you do- Scout/send us fitting music, or recommend us artists that we can sign at our labels. The scouting/submission process will be handled by you, but once the songs are submitted, the label will takeover communication with the artists.

Compensation- We’re currently offering 10% lifetime royalty sharing for each song we sign from your recommendations. If you introduce an artist to us, but not a particular song, we will credit our first 3 releases from this artist to you. This can add up over time with the catalog that you build. You’ll be paid monthly automatically by our distributor ​


Once your first scouted song is signed by us, you will gain access to our distributor portal (Dashgo), where you can track all your songs stats and metrics.


You can add the A&R title to your social media bios if you want, **once you get your first song signed. 

Style references:

View this private soundcloud playlist with a couple tracks in the roster, as well as this Spotify playlist for some more stylistic guidelines.


Here is a google document made specifically for our A&Rs. Send this document to your artists for the submission process. Find the document here. 

Please, do not send us music in any other method or time than in the form above. (This is because I want to ensure you get credited for the recommendation, and I don’t want to step on any toes if I personally sign something that an A&R informally showed me). You will only receive credit for songs submitted through this document above.

For information on our standard licensing deals, you can view our contract agreement here.

Please avoid making promises & final decisions to artists when scouting, or speaking on behalf of our label. Let them know that this is a submission process, and they will receive a confirmation by the A&R director, Damon

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